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Winter running shoe

I am going to be running on snow covered dirt roads and trails when there’s not much snow. I will also run on the road occasionally. I’ve been looking at the water promo lone peaks and Saucony’s peregrine 8 ice+. Any recommendations?

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("Water promo?" what's that?)

I've been running with a pair of Newton Boco's during snow-covered winter runs.  I augment these with nano-spikes and/or gaiters as needed.  My favorite gaiters for winter running are a pair from Ice-Bug that I picked up a few years ago. They're tough and they fit well.

The Altra gaiters work well with their gaiter-trap sneakers (the Lone Peaks, Timps, and Superiors would be examples).


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I had great success last year with my Altra Olympus 3.5's. I felt the extra stack height helped keep me out of the bad stuff and the traction was amazing. I ran in western Michigan in snow, slush, ice and temps down to -5.