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Trail Runners for Wet Conditions

I am looking for a trail running shoe that will hold up in running thru wet pasture grass everyday. I don't mind my feet getting wet, but I do not want my shoes to fall apart so quickly. Thanks for any recommendations you can provide! 

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I have liked the Salomon speedcross or supercross trail runners, but I don't put many miles on them daily (usually only 1-2), so cannot say how they will work long-term.  Very lightweight and have held up in a variety of conditions, including wet grass (and goose poo covered grass).  Still on my first pair after 2 years and, while I don't many running miles on with them, they have been my summer shoe for my skate roller skis which I typically am using 5 days a week for 4-5 miles.

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Great! I will check them out! All I needed to hear was that you are on your first pair after 2 years. That is good news! I am just running couple miles every day also. Thanks much for your input! Much appreciated!