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Supination: What is the cushioned shoe that has the best heel wear?

I supinate and almost always find that the heel tread gives out at about 200 miles of road running. The material that is used in heels simply looks designed to be no stronger than the rest of the tread. Currently, I am running in Brooks Glycerin 19 and they seems to be doing better than my former go to Hoka Cliftons. Any hacks out there to make the tread wear better. Shoe goo softened my foam and is not a solution for me. I usually go to a new shoe around 350. (20-25 mile per week-5 runs), mostly asphalt trail and street running.Old runner 74 yrs of age

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I'm hardly the last word when it comes to the mysteries of tread-wear, but it might be that you could improve wear by improving your form. This was the case with my own self some ten years ago. I too had a problem with supination, and my shoes would wear out like yours, but my shoes wear out pretty evenly these days.

There are lots of videos demonstrating good running form, I used one put out by Newton Running. It's on their website. But basically, I went from being a "Heel-striker" to a "mid-foot striker." My shoes now wear evenly across the ball area of the sole. Some running shoes promote this foot-strike (Newton, Altra, Topo...), but I think you could accomplish it with any shoe you prefer.

Try it and see if it does any good. 

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