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New Runner

I've been trying to get more into running for a couple of years, but having a hard time getting into it. I've never been a "runner" and although I hike longer distances, my endurance for running isn't great. Everyone in my life who runs has been a runner since being a teenager and aren't very helpful with the getting started part. I'm hoping to get some advice on ways to work up to 10K from the absolute beginning as an adult? Does anyone have success becoming a runner as an adult?

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Hey @Rika17! I started running when I was about 25. I was in grad school at the time and working full time, and I just went looking for some kind of hobby that would take some time and mental energy to complete to get my mind off of things. It took a few months before I’d say that I actually liked running, that said.

I think the most important thing that kept me going in those first few days/weeks was reminding myself that I was doing something kind for my body and mind and remembering to sort of thank myself for taking the time to do that. After a while I started looking forward to the runs. 

Any time we start something new there’s always a certain level of intimidation that can come with it, especially if you have other people in your life who you percieve to be really good at that thing. That said, whether you run ultra marathons or around your neighborhood cul-de-sac, you are just as much of a runner as any of the rest of us.

I’m in the same boat as you but I wanted to say way to go! Don’t give up and good luck!

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