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Just thinking about what gets me out of the house. I think I am mostly motivated by the season and/or weather. I love running in the hot summer and I get so many more miles in. Everything is green and beautiful. Conversely, I struggle to get motivated in the winter. It’s cold and gray and lifeless. 

What’s your motivation for running?   

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I'm just the opposite: I like getting out for a run in cold weather, but summer heat requires more discipline from me. I keep running, but I'm more likely to want to ride my bike.

My motivation for running is that it keeps me in good condition for the mountains. Also, it reminds me of my dad, who was running since the early 1960's, before they even had "running shoes." Unlike me, however, Dad loved hot weather.

Dad used to say that if you run in every kind of weather, you'll be ready for anything. I live by that.

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That’s awesome. My dad is also my inspiration.  He doesn’t run much anymore but he introduced me in the 80s and we would run in any conditions!  So many great memories.

I am a very fair weather outdoor runner so when the weather allows me to skip the treadmill getting outside definitely increases my motivation. Having the sun on my face keeps me going!

In general, I love running for scenery and wildlife. The more remote, the better. The real motivation to get out and run a lot (vs doing other outdoor activities I like to do) is race training. I certainly wouldn't run 4 to 5 days a week without a race to train for. 

I too, am the opposite. I really prefer it to be below freezing for running. Summer heat and humidity where I am are huge barriers to overcome, runningly.

My initial motivations for taking up running in my 20s were impatience and fitness. I worked a long walk from my (urban) home at the time and got bored with how long it took to walk. I was also pretty unfit, and running in transit seemed like the simplest way to exercise, so I started making increasing monthly running goals.

Since then? I mean, fitness is theoretically the prime motivation. But practically, inertia is probably more salient - years of consecutive perfect success at monthly goals are a pretty darn good motivator all by themselves.

I prefer the cold weather, but a good podcast really gets me excited about a long run! Warm weather is challenging for me, but thankfully I live in foggy SF and am a morning runner!


@Pete As a Wisconsin native I had to do a lot  of running in the same winter scenario that you struggle to find motivation. I loved doing trail runs during the winter. As the leaves fall trail running in the winter gives you a completely different view of the topography then during the summer!

I also loved running on frozen lakes. Depending on your outdoor community, a lot of snowmobile drive on lakes in the winter and snowmobiles make great trails! 

Music..... you have got to have some great music!


At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

Having a race on the calendar seems to be my best way to get myself out of the warm bed each day to run.  Knowing you want to perform your best and that every workout matters is the best way for me!


I have always found that, like a few others here, goals help to keep me getting out the door. The goals I set aren't always the most 'normal' running goals. They are sometimes typical running goals you hear; hitting certain mileage, training to run a time in a race, running a specific races, etc. but some of the goals over the years have involved getting together with others or seeing new places.

I once ran with a different friend or acquaintance each day for a month. Why? Just to switch things up. I was over the whole running by myself routine that I just started making plans (this took enough planning that it made it then want to run alone for a while tooSmiley LOL ). But the point was to give myself a reason to get out the door and not give in to the desire to sit around after work and be lazy. 

Good luck! Keep on going with whatever gets you going!