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Mens best footwear for running/biking

Hi there. Looking for tennis shoes that best suit my purpose.  54 year old, 9.5 USA = 42.5 European size, running/bicycling enthusiast at moderate level (3-4 days per week) just to keep me healthy.  In love with Austrian Dynafit black-yellow feline X7 but the black blue Speet MTN or the black-white speed MTN gore of the same brand may better suit.  It looks the Dynafit brand is not appearing at your web page stock, closest shoe may be "La Sportiva" Akyra GTX Trail Running.  Preference for a flexible, light, running shoe with a sole design good enough (depth) to hold-on to the bicycle pedals.  Thank you.

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@VictorHugo Thanks for reaching out!

We have a couple of good shoe options that may fit your needs, as well as several conversations around trail running shoes that we will link that you should check out for more info. You are correct that while we do carry some of Dynafits apparel and ski gear, we do not carry any of their running footwear at REI.

Here are a couple of shoes that are similar to the Dynafit shoes you mentioned:

Also, check out these other threads in the community that might help lend some insight:

Hopefully this helps narrow down some options for you. Don't hesitate to reach out here in the community if you have other questions. Also, feel free to tag one of the users in one of those conversations for specific questions about a shoe.


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