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IT band/knee pain

I’ve  been dealing with the elusive IT band inflammation for a few years now. It comes and goes but seems to come more frequently lately. Sometimes I think it’s my shoes sometimes the terrain. I’m at a loss. Does anyone have any tips or suggestions to subside the pain and frequency? Preferred shoes or insoles? Anything helps!

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Google "IT band stretches" and do them faithfully. Also, I found that using ice massage (again, Google it) to be very helpful in relieving symptoms.

I did not find changing shoes, getting insoles, or a cortisone shot made any difference. Keeping the band stretched - and relieving inflammation - were the answers for me. 


Have used a rolling pin to roll out your IT? After months of discomfort this solved my problem in a couple of weeks - so far so good.

I agree with @DieselDon, foam rolling and stretching has immensely helped my IT Band!

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