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Inserts for running shoes?

I have PTT. I find that inserts for PF are too harsh. I successfully use Birkenstock inserts for winter hiking boots. Struggling with finding the correct support for running shoes. Motion control shoes do not provide support where I need it. Neutral is too big of a gap. Adding support to motion control is too much. I’m thinking neutral with an insert would be about right. Which do you recommend? [(FYI I wear Babolot for tennis with an Orthoheel insert). My Oboz summer hiking shoes were wonderful for first 6 months - but the insole broke down quickly. Pedag leather 3/4 works well for me in casual shoes.]
I hope you have some ideas! I’m frustrated with paying $$$ for shoes and spending $$ for inserts. Help!

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@nycmaureen - I had to look up PTT, so I don't really have experience with your condition, but I have had my own foot issues - an extremely high arch in my case. I have found that a good podiatrist can often solve problems without surgeries or medications (like cortisone).

I am on my feet all day, standing on a carpeted concrete floor as a teacher. I also run after school. I have tried lots of different inserts and lots of different running sneakers. For the last five years, I have been happily running with some neutral cushion Altras, with prescription insoles. 

In my experience (two decades of running) proper form has made a bigger difference than anything else.

I have not found a solution that does not involve $$$.

Hope some other experienced folks jump on this thread.


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This is such a tough topic. What works for one person just does not work for another.

I have made a living as a custom boot fitter for skiers. I have been trained in making custom footbeds to a level that chiropractors were sending their clients to me. Most of the products I made would not work for me because of my unique foot problems. Every time we went to a new boot fitting class I was usually the example of the worst kind of foot to work with.

That all said, the best product that has worked for me is DownUnders. They are mid-range in price for store-bought.

Sorry to say, but trial and error was the only way that worked for me. Good luck.