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I love running outside... No offense treadmills!

The more I run outside, the more I feel connected to myself and the community. No offense treadmills, but you just don’t do it for me! Whether I’m on the trail or running through my subdivision, I just feel better running outside. My good days are better, it helps me clear my brain and come up with solutions to things that swirl in my mind. The New Year is here! It’s time to commit again to mental and physical health. The best thing I’ve found that works for me is running outside. So, why do you love running outside?

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.
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Treadmills are offensive if you ask me.  Using electric power so you can burn off calories you didn't actually need to consume is a bit bizarre.  While I can see they have a purpose for OK GO or for gathering performance data when training,  they have to be the most boring way to exercise.  Plus they are usually in gyms which are mostly fairly unpleasant places.  If you can run outside why would you want to run on a treadmill?

I like running outside for all the reasons you just listed - and I also get to hear birdsong; see foxes, deer, and other critters; watch the leaves change color in the fall; breathe in cold fresh air; and keep my body used to being outside in all kinds of conditions.

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I can't imagine why anyone would choose to always run on a treadmill unless it was their only option because of weather or being in an unsafe area. I only run on a treadmill if I am traveling and don't feel safe in the area I am staying or the weather is really bad and I really need a run.

I love being outside in the fresh air, meeting other runners and people from my community. I would never have met some of my friends and neighbors if I didn't get outside to run! Also my pup doesn't enjoy it much sitting at home if I go to the gym to use the treadmill. He is the one who REALLY needs to run! 😊 

I love running outside because it allows me practice mindfulness and focus on myself while taking in the world around me.  Feel the air on your skin.  Work through the things in your brain.  Escape and see things you may not have been able to notice any other way.  Dreadmills don't really allow you to experience the same things.

Running outside the time passes so quickly. I live in an area that is rural, private roads etc. I’m a morning person so at 4:00 a m I’m out the door. I feel like I own the world! Tons of deer, barred owls, coyotes and very rarely see the bobcat. For me it’s the best way to start my day. A little over 5 miles before the sun rises.