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How many miles do you put on a pair of running sneaks?

And how do you decide when to retire them?

I used to abide by the 300-mile rule - many years ago (10?).  

Then I started running in Newtons, which seemed to last between 4-500 miles before retirement.

In recent years I have switched to Altras, which seems to depend on the model. I had a pair of Ones that barely made it to 300 miles. Then I went through three pair of Escalantes, which each got an easy 400 miles a pair.

For trail running I tried some Newton Bocos, which got over 300 before I retired them for other reasons. 

Then I blew through two pairs of Altra Superiors, which seemed disappointingly frail for trail runners.

I look at red wear, but more importantly, soul cushion, to determine if a pair of sneakers is spent. 

The Escalantes are my favorite road runners ever. I could probably get more than 400 miles out of them, but like to avoid injuries. (Plus they make nice house slippers in retirement. Trail runners get put on lawn-mowing duty.)

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whoa that is a lot! i'd love to see some pics of that shoe



Usually do 40 miles a week walking urban, metro, and various preserves. This year mostly urban so 160 or more per month and my hokas go for an average of eight months and look really beat up missing lugs and mid sole. The first pair were blue and most people had not seen any like that at my gym.  They were comfortable even for an in door work out as I had a broken leg just prior to purchase.  The blue pair aided me in my recovery.   I was walking as usual passing the gas station then the street when at the budget rental it was dark they were so raggedy and I wouldn’t give up when I heard a loud shot and I thought oh my goodness I’ve been shot. I looked for the blood and there isn’t any.  Of course I check people I have to walk home.  Next I checked my shoes and I guess someone should call the coroner and perform a post mortem because a round hole blew out the back.  The patient could not be resuscitated.  They were my favorite. I am trying others but would love hoka to bring back those blue and pink boots every one thought they were great and so did I.

I find that it depends mostly on the midsole and outsole. sometimes the upper is what fails first though. 

usually shoes with an EVA midsole will last much longer than those with new midsoles made from a PEBA compound or nitrogen infused EVA midsole. however, you are trading longevity for a much more fun or comforting ride. To help shoes last longer, it is recommended to have a line-up of shoes to avoid consistent compression and minimal rebound of the midsole foam. 

For the outsole, obviously the more rubber, the longer it will last but most shoes these days should last between 300 and 500 miles. My only exception would be certain carbon fiber racing shoes...