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Help with blistering in the Hoka Clifton 7

Hi All!

I recently purchased a pair of Hoka Clifton 7 in 7.5W (women's) and after a few miles, I am developing a blister on my baby toe on the left foot. I recently switched from Brooks Ghost 12, and I love the HOka's thus far! Anyway to fix this? I want to use the shoe for my longer runs, but if I am already getting blisters after 5 miles, I am considering a return. 

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that's a shame, I love my hoka's, but you may have to return if a small piece of tape doesn't fix the problem.  Most hoka's have the wider toe box, but not sure about the cliftons.

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I know I’ve said this in other posts, but I love Injinji toe socks for this very reason.  They eliminate, at least for me, all friction between and around my toes and I’ve never gotten a blister since using them.  I have both liners and anklets.  I just wish they’d consider a senior citizen brand ambassador!  

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