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Help me pick a pair of trail shoes

Need help picking a pair of new trail running shoes. Here is what I’m looking for..

  1. Very aggressive tread
  2. low to no drop
  3. medium to high amount of cushion

I really like my Salomon speed crosses but I would prefer something that have less heel to toe drop.

any ideas?

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I’m always recommending hoka atr challenger, fantastic for backpacking.

incredible cushioning and support.

amazingly fast drying 

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an alternative = TOPO .... big toe box, very low / 0 heel / toe drop ... 

I use Terra* for climbing / walking up mountains, e.g., South Sister, St Helens, etc ... - like slippers (I've worn out 2 pairs with >250m each)

I use Ultra* for PCT cruising (20+m/day) - more cushioning and firmer


Hmm, I would have said Salomon speed cross because that's what I use.  Good luck!

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Speedcross doesn't have a lot of cushion, I have them and they're made for speed so they have firm cushioning. The only shoe I can think of that meets most of your requirements is the Hoka Speedgoat 4, it has a 4mm drop which is the lowest out of it's trail shoes and tons of cushion. I have a pair and love them!


Altra's are a good choice just read customer's reviews and that should help