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Getting back out there after injury?

Messed up my knee/IT band during ski season and I've been on and off with my runs for the past few months, but recently took a longer break to give my body the chance to heal. Now I'm having a hard time re-motivating myself to get out there, mostly due to anxiety about how much progress I've probably lost. What do you all do to get back into a healthy routine after sitting out for a bit?

2 Replies

@sabina - I've recently had to take 2 months off due to a knee injury as well. It is hard to get back into it with the fear of further injuring yourself! 

I took up spin biking! That got me that cardio workout I was craving that I wasn't getting from running since I didn't want to make the injury worse. I made myself take it slow when I did start running again then I'd just spin bike and walk more since I couldn't do much running. It can be very frustrating but I also found it pretty cool to see my progress get better and now I'm running better than before my injury.

Hope you are able to find your motivation to get back out there! 

At REI, we believe a life outdoors is a life well-lived.

Aloha! Biking & swimming are both awesome ways to recover your fitness level, along with good sleep and nutrition. When you hit the slopes just take it easy for a while and gradually progress back to your previous abilities. Most importantly, get back to doing what you love!