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Re: Altra shoes with orthotics

I'm wondering if anyone has any experience wearing Altra shoes with custom orthotics.  I like the idea of the spread toebox, but I'm wondering how that will work with orthotics.  Anyone have experience with this?

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I wear Altra Escalantes with custom orthos and have no problems.  I also wear the Altra Superiors for trail running - no troubles there either.

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Thanks for the info.


Hi @RDH!

Altra shoes are known for their foot-shaped toe box, which is meant to really let the runner's foot splay in the shoe. I find they're really comfortable for my trail runs! 

According to Altra's website, you can wear orthotics in their shoes. The website will tell you that orthotics are a tool to strengthen the feet, and that they can be phased out as feet become stronger over time. However, I would recommend following any doctor or podiatrist direction and recommendation first when deciding to discontinue the use of orthotics. 

Let us know if you decide to test your orthotics in a pair of Altras! See you outside!


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I bought a pair of Altra trail running shoes a couple of months ago and have been wearing them with my orthotics for hiking. No problem.  In fact, my problem of sore toes after a hike has been resolved.  I had intended to get a pair of Altra hiking shoes but couldn't find any I liked. Although the trail runners are ok, I feel they are a bit light for hiking. So I  just bought a pair of Altra hiking shoes from REI online. They are still light but a bit heavier than the trail runners.   I'm still wearing them in (with my orthotics) in at home right now before trying on a real hike.


hoka has wide toeboxes and about 100 times more padding & comfort, they also have no questions asked returns.I usually buy mine from REI, however, the hoka website has a larger variety of hiking, backpacking, trail running, wide toe, narrow toe and a bunch more (of course)

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I was running in Hoka Bondi 5s and my PT recommended wearing "Correct Toes" and wearing shoes with wider type boxes in general (not specifically directed at the Hokas).  

I got the Correct Toes and looked on their website list of shoes that would accommodate them. Altras were in it.  I picked up a pair of the Altra Torin Plush shoes at REI and they are even more cushioning and comfortable than my Hokas!

I wear my orthotics in them, too, as recommended by my PT.

I also love the zero drop of the Altras, I took 2-3 weeks to totally switch over.