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Can I replace traditional laces with a quick lacing system?

I thinking of buying a quick lacing system to replace the laces on my Altra Olympus 4 shoe.  What are your thoughts or recommendation?

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@pdewald Thanks for reaching out!

Quick lacing systems can be a great way to make it easier to secure your shoe instead of traditional laces. We recommend taking a look at the Yankz! Eco Made Quick Lacing System. It has some stretch in the lace to allow your foot to move and flex. One thing to bear in mind is that you can't adjust a quick lace system once you have it laced in your shoe other than tightening and loosening it. If your foot requires special lacing techniques for the shoes you wear then you may want to stick with traditional laces, or make sure you accommodate those needs when you lace your quick-lace system.

Hopefully this helps, thanks!

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I have replace the regular laces on all my running shoes for several years now. After trying many of the different brands I found that I really like the ones by Nathan (Nathan Elastic No Tie Laces for Running) best. I changed over to the no tie laces to reduce the pressure on the top of my feet from the regular laces but I do like the ease of putting my shoes on and not having to bother with adjusting laces or dealing with them coming untied. Depending on the shoes it can be difficult to get them laced. I wear Topo Athletics ST-3s and the lacing holes are not round. They are more of a small flat slit. As @REI-JohnJ says you can't really take them out and change the lacing pattern once laced. Well you can but it is a lot of work.