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Calories during long runs

I'm not sure how many ultra/distance runners are on here yet, but I figured I'd ask anyway: what is your go-to for calories late in long races? For me, someone who usually loses their stomach late, I've had a lot of success with Ensure. I grew some apparently long term palate-fatigue with that during the Mohican 100 a couple weeks ago, so I'm experimenting with CarboPro and hope that works for my next race in early August.

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I’ve only done ultras up to 50 miles and luckily have an iron stomach...but, late in the race is when I’m really craving real food: PB&J, soup, etc.   I have tried Ensure too and it definitely hits the spot.   

This is embarrassing but the best thing I’ve ever eaten late in a race was Doritos and Mountain Dew.  Just tasted so good!  

I've done multiple ultras but nothing further than 50 miles. I have a sensitive stomach as well and have found Tailwind works great for me. A few sips of Coke later in the race can help settle my stomach as well.

Agree with @Elena - my go to is always Tailwind. That and I've recently started using Spring energy and found them really easy to digest and keep down. 

The longest ultra I have done to date is a 50 and I have had the best luck later in the race with lemon Larabars, tailwind, coke, broth, bacon, and potato chips. I am training for a 100 so I will have to get back to you on what works for those later miles 🙂

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Lara Bars have been a training and early race staple for years. Those bars have been gradually dying out for me. The only ones I can still do are blueberry, cherry, lemon, and lime. I usually can't stand them anymore past about mile 30. At Mohican, I grabbed a bottle of Ensure from my crew early (about mile 14) because I was feeling low on energy for whatever reason and ended up sticking to mostly liquid calories the whole rest of the race. 

I've got a few 100ks under my belt (no buckle yet, though!) and while I try to start with honey stingers and picky bars, homemade pb&J, and muffins... Torwards the end I do like to have beef jerky or bacon, and lots of coke and ginger-ale to suppliment the norm. I have done a few 50 milers with tailwind and honey stingers, but personally get really tired of it.  I have used ensure during my last 50 and my first half ironman.


Best of luck at your next race!