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Best shoes for forefoot and midfoot runners?

Anyone have any recommendations for shoes for forefoot and midfoot strike runners?  I've used Mizunos, Brooks, and Asics before and really like those brands but have found they're not tailored to where I end up running.  Newtons gave me terrible blisters too but I generally like the concept of a 0 drop. 

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I love Altras. Zero drop, wide toe box. I’ve been running in the Escalantes for years now.

Dittos on the Altras! I do very well with them. 

Newtons are also very good, but more difficult to find (and expensive).

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Thank you @TomIrvine !


Hey @JasonRuns,

How far are you normally running. I've been using Merrell's Vapor & Trail Glove 4s, they've been great, but I'm usually running 5k range. I just got a pair of the Merrell Bare Access XTR which are zero drop, I'll let you know how they are when I've run in them a bit. I've heard book things about Brooks, but nothing specific, just that people like them.



As others said Altra will be the best for mid to forefoot running. what terrain are you running on? im happy to recommend a specific shoe, also how much cushion do you like? I know about all things Altra. 

I drug out an old pair of merrell bare access flex and had a great forefoot running experience. A very firm zero drop shoe that i also use on pavement. Im wondering about the sweeper shoe for a replacement.