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Best Mask For Walking/Running for an Asthmatic with Eye Glasses

I need a mask to keep my cheekbones warm!

I have eyeglasses and I have asthma so my nose should be covered. Need recommendations and also information on how to find anti fog eyeglass cleaner.

TIred of not being able to see Nature's Beauty.

Thanks, Kasha

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@Kasha just to make sure we understand what you're searching for - it sounds like the mask you're searching for is more for keeping your face warm and not a mask specifically related to COVID - is that right? If yes, it sounds like you might be thinking about a neck gaiter or balaclava, which come in all different weights and materials, some are hooded and others not, and all are designed to keep your face warm in cold temperatures. The Buff styles are very versatile, with the ability to pull them up easily when cold and back down once you've warmed up - for running, which is highly aerobic, we'd probably recommend a lightweight option, although this will also depend on how cold the temperatures are where you're walking/running.

In terms of fogging eyeglasses (I struggle with the same thing), two suggestions we can share:

  • Tucking the mask just up under the bottom of your frames can really decrease fogging; and when you're looking at masks designed around COVID, the metal band over the bridge of your nose can also decrease fogging
  • We carry a few anti-fogging products designed specifically for eyewear (ski goggles are especially prone to fogging)

We hope this helps and if you need help deciding between a few options, don't hesitate to reach out again for specific advice!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

Hi @Kasha,

I would like to add here to @REI-JenK's information on face coverings that we have a COVID-related face mask made by Outdoor Research that I've used 40 hrs/week at work, and during runs of 1-2 hours outside. There is a bendable wire that goes across the bridge of the nose, creating a great seal for your eyeglasses. I've also noticed on days when I'm walking to my car with the mask on at around 20-30 degrees that it keeps my face fairly warm. I might just keep on using this mask as a Buff-replacement if I'm looking to humidify or warm the air entering my lungs on really cold runs. 

Hope this helps!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.