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Best Altras or zero-drop shoes for Trail Running?

I've been training for the Squamish 50k in British Columbia, which has rooty rocky terrain, and wearing Altra Timps size 9. I recently bought a pair of Altra Lone Peak 4 size 8.5 and they seem too large. I'm likely going to exchange them for an 8 so I can fairly compare the Timp to the Lone Peak. Do you have a preference of one over the other and why? Is there another zero-drop shoe you like better for trails? Happy running!

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I actually have the lone peak pair, but I don’t like how much cushion there is. They’re too bulky for me, I’m looking for a pair with a little bit more of a minimalist feel. Any suggestions?

I haven't tried the Lone Peak or the Timps, but I use the Altra Superior. It has the lowest cushion of Altra's trail running options and I am on my third pair. I love them. The only issue I've had with them is that after about 300 miles or so my toes tend to tear through the top. I believe that my 14 is slightly too large but 13 is definitely too small. They don't make half sizes for my big feet, so I guess I'm stuck, but I still prefer them to anything else I've used.

I wanted to like the Lone Peaks, but there was too much cushion for me.  It was making my calves sore.  Fortunately, the Superior - Altra's low-cushion model - work out perfectly for me.

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I've been running in Altras for years. My current go-to is the Timp... it used to be the Lone Peak until they changed the last, and I didn't like how the shoe fit anymore. I wear a new out-of-the-box pair for each long race I run. I have new pair waiting for me for the Angeles Crest 100 this weekend.