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Any steps to make merino wool less itchy?

Is there anything I can do to eliminate the scratching of merino wool? Would fabric softener work?


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Hi @Kasha - Thanks for reaching out! We’re sorry to hear your wool layers are bothering you.

We found this great video titled “How to Fix an Itchy Sweater” that goes into details of using cold water, a bit of vinegar, and conditioner to get your layers to a comfortable texture. From the reviews, it looks like many people have had success with the method.

Once your sweater is less itchy, we suggest using wool specific cleaners instead of normal detergents. They are designed to maintain the natural oils in the wool fibers, which keeps that itch from coming back. While washing, you should also keep the wool from other fabrics, use cold water, and always be sure to hang to dry!

We hope other people will also share their tips on this topic so you have numerous options to choose from. Hopefully this helps!

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