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Seeing Any Bumble Bees While Outside?

Folks are trying to track and collect information on North America's bumble bees.   I just started looking for them when outdoors.   Thought others would be interested also.  


Bumble Bee Watch is a collaborative effort to track and conserve North America’s bumble bees. This community science project allows for individuals to:

  • Upload photos of bumble bees to start a virtual bumble bee collection;
  • Identify the bumble bees in your photos and have your identifications verified by experts;
  • Help researchers determine the status and conservation needs of bumble bees;
  • Help locate rare or endangered populations of bumble bees;
  • Learn about bumble bees, their ecology, and ongoing conservation efforts; and
  • Connect with other community scientists.

Details can be found here : 


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Hey @Joe - This is so neat! Thanks for sharing it with us. There are currently many bees in my neighborhood. I'm excited to head over to the website you shared and see what information I can provide. 

A lot of us in my town participate in "No Mow May". I am hopeful that the bees and other pollinators around enjoy the habitat spaces that the initiative provides! Is there anything that your area does to help with the conservation of bees?

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

I am not aware of any local initiatives concerning native bees in the NC Raleigh-Durham area.  We  are lucky to have a state wide natural heritage program. 

The Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation is also an excellent group - 

Superusers do not speak on behalf of REI and may have received
one or more gifts or other benefits from the co-op.

As an avid gardener and walker I always keep my eyes out  for the various insects in my garden and see which plants bring in the most. I then plant more of those. But during my walks in the country on road sides I've noticed a lot of dead bumble bees this year more then ever before. It's disturbing to see so many dead. Not in groups but a bee here and then later another one and a little bit farther another one. I'm not sure what is killing them but I am trying my best with my gardens to help them out as much as I can.

Hey Joe!

interesting you should bring this topic to the forefront. Though our flowering ground cover, flowering bushes, and flowering trees attract many types of bees, I have only seen one bumble bee frequenting one of our hop-seed bushes last year and none so far this year. 

This year so far, only other variety of bees have been sighted  



Chinese Privet Tree In Bloom

I will keep my phone camera on stand by. In case a bumble bee makes an appearance, I will photo and record it on the website. 

Thanks again!