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Replacement Part - REI Shelter?

We have an REI Camp Shelter that is about 10-years old. We love it and it has served us well, but one of the design flaws is that when it rains, the water pools and creates too much weight for the pole structure to support. It happened to us shortly after we got it and one of the plastic "knuckles" broke, but I was fortunate enough to find a replacement part at my local REI (Bloomington, MN). It happened again this weekend on a camping trip and I'm hoping that perhaps there are some replacement parts on the national level as everything else is in good shape. Please let me know if there might be a source for replacement parts.

Thank you.

Todd ReemtsmaCamp Shelter "Knuckle"Camp Shelter "Knuckle"

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@treemtsma Thanks for reaching out!

Unfortunately, that is not a part that is stocked anywhere at REI. It sounds like you really lucked out in finding one at the Bloomington REI! That model of shelter is called the REI Co-op Alcove Shelter and it does not look like we are producing it any longer. You may be able to find the piece you are looking for second hand at an REI garage sale or other similar channel.  

Hopefully this helps, thanks!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

The REI Alcove shelter is almost identical to the Kelty Discovery shelter - which is also not being currently sold, but If you expand your search to include this second item you might have better luck.

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

We have this same shelter and same problem, wondering if original poster, @treemtsma, found a solution?


Since the damage occurred late in the camping season for us, I have packed the shelter away and have not continued to pursue a solution. My current consideration is to see if I can find someone with a 3D printer that could model and print a couple of these "knuckles".

I have the same problem - 1 or maybe 2 broken plastic corner pieces. I would love to replace the broken piece but it seems not possible to find it, so I am not sure what to do with it, besides give away for scrap parts?


We used our shelter over the weekend and have the same issue.  I'm looking for a blue and a green part. We have found this shelter easy to setup and works well at a campsite.  


Same issue here and I searched on both the REI and Kelly versions for parts - no luck.  
When mine cracked, it was in the middle of a trip, so I made a splint using a bent tent stake and a few zip ties, but I don’t think that will hold.  If anyone finds a replacement or better DIY fix, I’m interested.  


Lost the canopy for the Alcove. Does anyone have a canopy I can have/buy?

If not, all the poles and connectors that I have are all in excellent condition for anyone interested.

@leedo3 - I am interested. How much? Thanks