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Re: Portland area bike trails for preschoolers

My guy loves the local pump park. He turned 3 last month, he’s a tiny guy for his age (3-5th percentile). A few days ago he hopped on his balance bike and road 2.5 miles on our city sidewalks/streets/trails to Jersey Mikes. Lol 

He takes every chance to go over a curb, down a landscaped hill, through the grass, puddles.... he LOVES the local pump park. 

Where can I take him? 

I’m not sure where to start googling to find pint-sized trails to challenge him. 

I’m also open to classes/club type things... does this exist? 




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I only just have one more thing to add for looking for that next pedal bike. I have a suspicion that maybe you already know about it given your current bikes, but has a great index of reviews of ALL the kids bikes and brands. Even if you do already know, then for anyone who happens to stumble across this thread.

They've got a nice bike park list too at but looks like most of the Portland ones already got covered here. Plenty over in Bend if you fancy a little road day-trip!

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Fantastic resource!! No one should buy a children’s bike without at least a quick swipe through their website. 

I’m thinking I’m going to make a list of all options within a reasonable distance of our home (Beaverton, OR) and just... DO THEM ALL!! 

Of course, I’ll have to report back. 😂🥰

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