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Pittsburg Settlers Ridge Store Closing

I am sad and disheartened to learn that the Pittsburgh Settlers Ridge REI will be closing mid January 2021. I worked there part time for about six months from the summer to Christmas 2016. I was blessed too get to know some great people who worked there at the same time and to learn more about the behind the scenes operation of our Co-Op. The Settlers Ridge store was closer and more convenient for me to get to than the Pittsburgh Southside store and I will miss it. I hope all the employees who want to can transfer to the Southside store.

aka "Boonerelli"

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Hi @John - Thank you for reaching out about the closing of the Settler’s Ridge store. It is great to hear that you enjoyed your time working with the team and seeing an inside view of the Co-op in 2016. The customer service and expertise that our Green Vests provide is something we are very proud of and value immensely. We are focused on helping our Settler Ridge employees in this transition, which includes working to relocate them to the Southside store, when possible.

We hope you have more high quality experiences in our Southside store when you're able to visit. Thanks again for reaching out.

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