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Looking for an advanced kayak class near Pittsburgh PA

Does anyone know of a rolling class given near Pittsburgh PA. I am an hour north, and can travel. I have been kayak camping quite a bit. I have a older Aquaterra Sea Lion because I am a bit bigger than the avg bear (though shrinking) and needed a boat that would take me and 5 days worth of gear.  I have 50% of the roll down pretty well and am going to get serious about the "coming up" half this year.

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I chuckled at first because, normally, being able to do 50% of something new is a good thing. But, I suppose, rolling a kayak is more binary in nature - either good or not good. LOL

Anyway, here in the Chicago area, we have several kayak and paddling groups through I'd suggest joining Meetup (if you haven't already) and see if there are paddling groups near there. The group leaders there could probably point you to places for instruction if anyone here can't.

Good luck!

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I normally just say "I have half the roll down real good" and wait.  I picked up some better gear, pump and 2 chambered float, and hit a lot of yall tubes. I just got it together after my desire for the water temp dropped off this fall. I will give it a good try this spring. Have a 3 day trip planned for late may.