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Recent AZ move has me looking for flat, long trails. Anyone know of some in PHX area?

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Yep, right there at your own superstition wilderness, peralta trail head.

get a map at your local REI, circle the spring locations, check water at trail head sign...and you’re off! 

some gentle rolling hills at the start, but mostly flat

good luck!

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I will be checking that out, thanks. 

Btw here’s a link to my video about it, enjoy!


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Hello @LLcoolAid and welcome to Phoenix! You definitely have some options. One question- are you looking for hiking, trail running, biking, or a combo of these activities? 

As to long flat trails, some of my favorites are: "Desert Classic" at south mountain. It's a nice meandering out and back trail so you can go short, or do the whole 17. 5 miles with only about 800 feet of elevation gain (there are some short ups and downs as you cross sandy washes). The only downside to this trail is that it can be busy and it gets a lot of mountain bike traffic- so you'll definitely want to keep music off so you can hear folks approaching. 

Another favorite, but a bit of a drive, is "Pemberton Loop" at McDowell mountains. It's a 15.4 mile loop with only 880 feet of elevation. This one will feel nice and remote and have great views of Four Peaks too. There is an entry fee to get in (currently $7), but its much less crowded than South Mountain and can be worth the drive. 

Lastly, I'd recommend Usery Mountain Regional Park. Another great option with very cheap parking and if you stick to the lower wash trails south of the mountain you can run loops (Belvins or Spillway) and these barely even have 100 feet of elevation between them. 

Check our our free apps called "Hiking Project" or "Mountain Bike Project" if you'd like to see metrics, photos, and real-time trail conditions from current users. Here's a link to get you started Mountain Bike Project 

Let me know if you have more questions specific to a certain activity. Have fun, stay hydrated, and don't forget social distancing practices. 



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@LLcoolAid Another vote for the Supes - Peralta Trail.  Good country when in season

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I guess I should have added "for long runs". I will definitely look up those trails. 

@LLcoolAid Awesome! I also moved to Phoenix right before summer. I like to say "you can work out all year here, you just can't sleep in!" Be ready for some early mornings to beat the heat. One other option... not the most scenic, but if you need to get in runs on a time crunch, Phoenix has a pretty intricate network of canal trails, one side is paved, the other is often gravel. It can be a great way to get in long flat miles. 

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

All good info. Thanks.

@LLcoolAid Try Tempe Town Lake. It’s perfect for a flat long run.

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