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PCT through hiker from Europe looking for help with gear completation

Good Day

I arrive in San Diego on the 11th of May and start the PCT on 13th of March. I still need some gear that I would like to buy at a REI store in San Diego on the 12th.

I am looking for an appointment but it looks like they can only be booked 4 days in advance.

How can I make sure I have some assistance on the 12th?

Thank you 



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I have always received assistance when shopping at various REI stores.  I have never made an appointment and I don't think one is necessary.

But if you wish, 96 hours should be plenty of advance time. What exactly do you wish to purchase?


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Thank you

- Rain protection

- Stove and Mug

- Hoodie

- Sawyer Squeeze

- Sun protection option for bold people

- Blister protection

And of course some great advice's are always welcome. I think I will start off and might change gear if needed at some stores along the way.  


@wanderwerni what an awesome adventure! A few tidbits:

  • You don't need an appointment to get help picking up the items you need before you start your hike - our employees are ready to help at any time the store is open!
  • You should be able to book an appointment up to 3 weeks prior to your arrival in San Diego; so you could check on/after April 24th for availability on May 12th

Good luck, and hope this helps!

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