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PCT through-hike physical preparation

Hello all,

interested in advice on physical preparation for a PCT through hike. Thank you

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First off - the PCTA site is a great resource for preparing for a PCT through hike - 

What other long backpack and through hike experience do you have?  Have you tried any section hikes of the PCT? How about a smaller backpacking adventure such as the Wonderland trail (around Mt. Rainier) or the JMT?  These 5-25 day hikes are a good introduction to through hiking and you can get an idea if a longer through hike is really something you are ready for mentally and physically.  

Facebook groups, youtube videos, books, movies, and lots of practice backpacking trips are the tools I have found most helpful.  There is a lot to consider - logistics, gear, physical and mental prep, permits, and more. 

Hike your own hike and best wishes for a great adventure.