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Anyone interested in the PCT 2021 NOBO?

I would like to plan a thru hike on the PCT starting April 2021. I just did my first BP trip in 4.5 years, & hadn’t even hiked in 3 years & very much need reconditioning lol. My life used to revolve around trails and that changes the last few years, (as well as years of injuries are now being felt); however I’m confident I could be ready for a 40+ year old slower paced (not snail but not the rabbit) trek. I’m wondering if there’s any similar folk whom may be interested in at least Starting together, if not attempting it all. I’ve done solo treks in the past but I do enjoy company (especially at night when things go “bump in the night”).

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Since the first day I watched "Wild" with Reese Witherspoon, I have wanted to make this hike.  I realize that it's an expensive trip and obviously, many aspects in my life have to align in order to make this dream a reality but I think a great place to start is enlisting someone else to make the hike with you.  I have never done a hike of this magnitude so going with someone else only makes sense so I would be interested in joining you.  I would not be able to plan it for 2021 but I think 2022 would be a great year to break ground.


If 2021 doesn't work out. I'll be down for 2022. Im doing the majority of Gifford pinchot now. Already did all the gorge hikes in wa/or to get my short game up. Are you looking to go north/south or south/north? I'm no Dave Bautista on the trails, but I'll make all the elevation. Already done Helen's, hood, and Adam's.