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Anyone interested in the PCT 2021 NOBO?

I would like to plan a thru hike on the PCT starting April 2021. I just did my first BP trip in 4.5 years, & hadn’t even hiked in 3 years & very much need reconditioning lol. My life used to revolve around trails and that changes the last few years, (as well as years of injuries are now being felt); however I’m confident I could be ready for a 40+ year old slower paced (not snail but not the rabbit) trek. I’m wondering if there’s any similar folk whom may be interested in at least Starting together, if not attempting it all. I’ve done solo treks in the past but I do enjoy company (especially at night when things go “bump in the night”).

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Welcome to the community! This sounds like an awesome goal, best of luck! We have a good contingent of folks who can weigh in on advice for the PCT. You may even find someone to travel with you, or at least maybe meet up for a section hike along the way.

Thanks for sharing and keep us posted on your progress!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

Sadly I had a permit to start the PCT this past April 😞  Hopefully 2021 will be the year, but sadly, they've already pushed the permitting date from October to January due to covid 19.  It's always an insane process (I've done it three times now, but sadly cancelled my plans beforehand) and even couples who would obviously like to hike together can have a hard time getting a permit for the same day.  With 50 folks registered for each day however, I'm sure you'll fall in with a great tramily! 

Another recommendation to get a jump on the process, is to stay at Scout and Frodo's place.  This was to be their last year hosting hikers, but they are currently ready to take people in next year!  If you stay with them the night before, you'll be with a large group of people travelling to the start together, so you'll already have enjoyed a meal and celebratory night!


after the announcement by the PCTA about not issuing permits in Oct. 2021, I made a decision I'm hiking it whether long distance permits are available or not. Maybe it's possible to get enough permits for areas requiring them or not, I'm doing it. As far as support by hiker towns or trail angels along the way, my wife is going to camp ahead at intervals averaging 10 days, depending on trail access (Sierras may vary quite a bit.).

She will offer to aid those trail angels that do continue to help, and provide water and possibly food packs herself. I realize not many have this opportunity, but I'm 65 and can't wait till the PCTA gets things figured out on their end. I realize they are understaffed and do an incredible job, but we can't wait 1, 2, 3---who knows how many years. For those areas where permits are not available, I'm willing to pay the fines. I've been training for 2 years, and can't afford to wait as old age may catch up.

I'm planning to start very early (or late) so as to not exceed the 50 people populating the trail, and delaying (if early start) at Kennedy Meadows till the snow pack permits. 

I’m interested.  I’m planning my 2021 PCT thru-hike now.  I will be 42, just retired from the USAF.  I plan to start mid-April.  I like the idea of at least starting with a partner.  I’m stationed in Colorado and have been hiking there for the last couple of years.  Before that, I hiked some sections of the AT in Virginia.  I agree with your point about solo treks.  After the hiking’ s done, it can get really boring in the evening.  I’m on Messenger - Dale Sanders - but I go by Shaune.

Feel free to PM me.



I am considering starting in April at Campo and hiking the week before Easter. Finish teaching the school year, then jumping back on the trail somewhere and hike until school starts again. I live close to the trail, so my wife can resupply me often and assist some others. I have an opportunity because of life and think maybe it’s time to start hiking this thing. I live in the Bakersifeld area. Only about 45 minutes from where the trail passes Tehachapi.

I REALLY need to step away from everything for a couple of months 

I wish...Doing a SOBO AT in 2022 if your interested 🙂 

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Hi @Gary2 ,

I am hoping to do the desert section (Campo to Kennedy Meadows) this year-2021, and then doing a SOBO from Canada to Kennedy meadows in 2022. I don't like the idea of the sun in my face, but this way the Sierras will be in their prime.   

Dave Whorrall    CricketPCT 

I kind of like that idea. I live about 2 hours from Kennedy meadows. It would be like hiking home, both directions.

Ok, I have the wife’s blessing!! I’m gonna start at Campo on March 27th and hike up to Easter April 4/5. Hopefully make it to Warner Springs, and start there again after school is out in early June. I will have to rest during the heat of the day and hike in morning and evening. I’d like to reach the Sierras by Mid July to avoid the heavy  melt off. My goal is make it to Yosemite before I have to go back for school.