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Used rope/cord for dog leash handle

Hi Everyone!

I am looking for somewhere I can source (either for free or for sale) 5 or 6mm used cord to make extra slide handles on my dogs' leashes. I know I can buy new, but I'd much rather recycle! I've reached out to local climbing gyms, REI, and looked on ebay etc. with no luck. Does anyone have any other ideas?

Thank you!


2 Replies

Hi @frankie27 - those would be my suggestions of where to look too.

If your area or neighborhood has a social media group/page, that could also be an option. If those don't pan out, depending on how much you need, you could go back to your local REI and see if there are any cordage scraps. A lot of REI's sell cord in bulk that comes in giant spools, so occasionally stores have boxes of cord "scrap" which are often too small to sell in the multiple feet at are often requested. While not used, you would at least be giving this cord a "new life" other than waiting in a box for someone to ask for a small piece.

Just a thought... I admire your determination to search for used vs. buying new!

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In addition to what @REI-SarahS mentioned, if you're on Facebook, there's a network of local groups called "Buy Nothing". These groups are for those who have items they no longer need (but don't want to add to landfills) and for those who are looking for items.

Although it can be hit or miss, some perseverance will pay off and you'll likely find what you're looking for, as well as finding new homes for items you no longer need as well.

Just search FB for "Buy Nothing".

Good luck!

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