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Tips for dogs who are afraid of fireworks?

Fireworks season is upon us and that’s not always a good thing for our four-legged friends. Any tips for dog owners on how to help anxious dogs through the upcoming celebrations?

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I'm interested in hearing others' tips as well. I've tried a thundershirt on my dog, but it never seems to work as well as I would hope. So i usually just try to sequester my dog in a quiet bedroom and hope he doesn't hurt himself too bad while he's getting stuck under the bed trying to hide.


@Dice @grzeg_oh , I have two dogs that are terrified of fireworks. We've tried several options to comfort them including thunder shirts, medications, and crates. One dog ate her thundershirt and I'm pretty sure the medication made her even more scared. Our efforts have often resulted in destruction of closets, scratching in the bathtub, or getting into the trash. One dog can open her own crate and we found her in the bathtub with a blanket. This year, I opted to stay home with the dogs and we sat together in a bedroom with the fan and TV on. They seemed to do OK as long as they could be close and I didn't try to get them to go outside. One of them likes to hide under the bed and the other likes to just sit right by me. In the summer months, I try to take them out to potty several times throughout the day because I know that there is a good chance they won't go out after dusk. I'm still holding out for a cure-all but in the meantime, I think that keeping them company is the best remedy I've found.

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

I have tried Valium but find that letting her sit near me in house with fan and televsion on works best.  I don't take her camping in parks that allow fireworks.


Hello there, I'm a dog trainer and I worked a lot with dogs that has nois phobia- fireworks, gun shot, thunders.

The solution for this kind of dogs is to actually be with them on a leash near the nois and do 2 things-

1. Correcting the dog for barking/whining/running away. The best thing is to work on obidience when the nois is happening.

2. Give treats and praise him when he's been quite and lie down.

The dog need to get use to the nois, for some dogs it will take a week of practice and for some it will take months, and for some it will never go away but can get better.

Good luck


Go to your Veterinarian and get some tranquilizers. I hqd one dog who was incredibly afraid of fireworks and that worked well.