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REI: No dogs allowed.

So, this is pretty neat but I'm going to call REI out on acting all dog friendly.  REI is not dog friendly and will not let you in the store with your dog.  Sure you can spend money on your dog in the store but no dogs allowed.  I'm a pretty frequent traveler and have not been allowed to have my dog in the store when it's way to hot to leave him outside.  I was told I could tie the dog up out in front of the store, not helpful.  I love so much of what REI stands for but this policy is very hard to deal with as a camper/traveler.  

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I agree that this policy isn't good nor are the options when it's hot outside.  And if they carry pet gear and are well behaved they should be allowed inside, lots of other outdoor retailers are pet friendly and there is always online so this policy has made me less of a REI suoerfan like I use to be.  I use to call it my grown up toys r us....but my fur baby comes first sorry REI. Hopefully this policy gets changed.


funny seeing this post because i rolled up into a REI today with my dog in a carrier not knowing REI was no dogs allowed because i assumed they were with all the doggo products they sell. i had the dog carrier on the counter while i was checking out and cashier didn't mention anything except being friendly to my pup. 


As a dog owner you should never expect a store to allow your dog inside and plan accordingly.

You can now use curbside pickup.

I’m tired of seeing dogs where they don’t belong, like in a grocery cart. 

Dog owners need to respect that many people don’t think their pets are cute and well behaved. And yes, allergies are real!

If this rule is a deal breaker for you to shop at REI, that’s pretty pathetic. What about all the other places that don’t allow dogs? The grocery store, church, malls, etc.?There are parks and hiking trails that don’t allow dogs also. 

You can get cooling mats, fans, doggie daycare, etc to keep your dog comfortable. Even better, leave them at home.

Actually many malls and churches do allow pets.  I cannot understand the hostility above so you cannot be a legitimate dog owner while complaining of allergies and how you dont like seeing dogs in "places they don't belong".  So I'll just continue the list of stores IN MALLS that allow well behaved dogs for you from my list above: 

Banana Republic, Ann Taylor, Anthropologie, Macy's, Nordstrom, Victorias Secret, the GAP, Sacks, Pottery Barn, Old Navy, Barns and Noble, Bass, Bloomingdales, William's Sonoma, Hobby Lobby, JoAnn Fabrics. . .  .

Whoever is up there yelling that REI not being dog friendly makes us "pretty pathetic" for asking is just an angry person and should probably get a dog.  As dogs are known to lower blood pressure and hostility. 

Or, what they are saying is true. My 4 yr old has pet allergies. We, more so he, should be allowed to shop with us. So like the last time I was at an REI shopping for a new winter jacket and some other clothes for him, I had to walk away from our shopping because a dog owner decides to come in and within our space. I also don't appreciate the attitude some dog owners give when you ask them to not allow their dog to approach us or try to lick us. It's got nothing to do with whether we feel your dog is good or not, it's for the health of one of our children. We shouldn't have to explain our reasons, or as one customer mentioned find an alternative place to shop from. It's not like we are asking to keep dogs out of petsmart or something.