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REI: No dogs allowed.

So, this is pretty neat but I'm going to call REI out on acting all dog friendly.  REI is not dog friendly and will not let you in the store with your dog.  Sure you can spend money on your dog in the store but no dogs allowed.  I'm a pretty frequent traveler and have not been allowed to have my dog in the store when it's way to hot to leave him outside.  I was told I could tie the dog up out in front of the store, not helpful.  I love so much of what REI stands for but this policy is very hard to deal with as a camper/traveler.  

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This is a horrible thing to do! Leave your dog at home not in your car. Do you have any idea how many dogs are killed or severely harmed by heat exhaustion and heatstroke every year because people leave them in their car? Or from hypothermia in the winter when a car turns into an ice box with the only saving grace being the dog is out of direct wind.


agreed. REI SHOULD allow well mannered, leashed dogs in their stores. Tie up your dog? Too hot in the car? Really awful. 

Many people irresponsible with their dogs. Have rules REI. I'd spend even more money!

I take my dog into my local REI all the time, and he's been in a few others in different states. The staff gives him lots of attention. While REI's official policy is "service dogs only", individual store seems to let them in unless they've had serious issues at that particular store. 


As hard as it is for you to deal with, a person in your shoes with canine allergies will find it infinitely more difficult to deal with.


Because of this policy I honestly just buy gear in person elsewhere. Orvis has a great dog products and allows dogs.  Same with cabellas. Same with local independent outfitters in Charleston area, Philadelphia area, and Asheville area (where I normally am)

It's a shame. I love REI, love the REI brand itself, but if it's something I don't buy online, it's usually me visiting the stores listed above instead. 


yes! I vote let dogs in!


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I grew up with dogs. I have a dog now. I love dogs. Still, there are places where we just shouldn't take our pets. Would you normally take your dog to a clothing store? That's what a large portion of the REI store is. So, you're potentially getting dog hair and dander on brand-new, supposedly clean clothing. And depending upon the breed, it may be nearly inevitable... ours sheds year-round.



With all respect, dogs can go to Patagonia, Eddie Bauer, Orvis, TJMAXX, Marshalls, Nordstrom, Macys, etc. 

Those are all clothing stores.  I think REI is being unreasonable.  Considering every other sporting goods store allows them that I know of and most brands they sell actually allow dogs in their own stores. 

Dogs aren't sitting on the clothes, that's a tad unreasonable and if someone is claiming they are that allergic, how they can't stand 6 feet away from a dog in a large store? ummmm, wear a mask or stay six feet away.  No offense, but we all learned how to do this the past 2 years.  🙂 

I think that might be part of the problem. Some people are so clueless that they were letting their dogs sit on clothing. Or damage goods.



folks who don't train their pets will forever be an issue.

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