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How to Increase a Puppy's Fitness to be a Trail Runner?

So my pup just got approved by the vet to start running (Pups have to wait until they're a year old to start going on serious runs so their bone structure can set, fyi.  That might differ by breed, I guess, but my vet wanted the pup to wait until she was 1).

How quickly can dogs ramp up in terms of distance/time on their feet/etc.?  Is it roughly equivalent to a human's running/training schedule?

Any advice would be great.


2 Replies

Treat them just like you would treat yourself getting ready for a new race.  Generally you don't start by running 13.1, you ramp up.  

Listen to your pup.  Pay close attention to them.  

This can be breed specific.  Not sure what you have, but not all dogs are long distance critters.  

Hope that steers you in a direction.

I agree with the "ramp up" advice. You can do interval training with your dog the same way you would do for yourself. And when you see your dog's tongue sticking *way* out and to the side, it's time to rest and hydrate. When you're in the training phase, pay attention to how long it takes your dog to recover from the run. That can clue you into how well your pup is handling the new routine.