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How to carry water for my dog on runs

Hi! I was wondering if anyone had tips on what the best way is to carry water for my dog on trail runs? She's a hound mix that's about 45lbs. We run for a about 1 or 2 hours. As it's getting hotter I know she needs water and my old waist belt is getting too wore out. Any hydration belts, packs, or vests anyone recommends?

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Hi @Julia_Rose - Thanks for reaching out!

We're hopeful some fellow community members will weigh in here with their suggestions. @sgreenler@REI-MollyM@JennyinAlaska@kaleigh@athomas - do y'all have any tips about carrying water for your dog while out on runs? 

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When I ran with our dog, she always carried saddlebags with water and  whatevr else might be appropriate.  She lovd to run and became very excited when i would haul out her bags. I typically had the water in a couple of sport drink bottles and a bowl, all nicely balanced.

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I have for my dogs a dog backpack from ruffwear that came with collapsible water bottles in each pocket so one on each side we never used it running but have used it quite a bit hiking! 


I have the Osprey Dyna hydration pack with the 1.5L bladder( It was pretty easy to train my pup (45lb Vizsla) to drink when I squeeze the bite valve for him. Unless we are out for a really long run it has had plenty of water for the both of us.