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Dog chews my tent's guy lines - suggestions?

My dog chews through my guy lines. Which is weird because she's not a chewer. Has anybody else had this problem? She is otherwise well behaved. I was thinking of putting a little pepper on them. Any other suggestions?

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There are plenty of natural products packaged specifically for this problem - one that I remember from many years ago creates a bitter apple taste. It worked great. Though usually used on furniture, you can probably spray it on the guy lines.

To add to the "distasteful" deterrents, try covering guy lines with sleeves made from materials you're dog won't like; like a large plastic straw or a string of flags.

With any of these solutions, I would also add a reward to distract her. Maybe a ball filled with goodies she has to lick or shake out.

If you're leaving her alone at the campsite, aim for success in short intervals & build up the time away as the success continues.

End of Dad lecture.