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Creating a 100' Dog Leash with Climbing Rope & Accesories

Hi There,

I'm not much of a rock climber, so I'm looking for advice on how to use climbing materials to create a Frisbee-friendly dog leash. I'm envisioning about 100' of PMI Accessory Cord of either 6mm, 7mm, or 8 mm tied around my waist, and some sort of break-lever, handgrip, or beley to slow/stop my dog if necessary.

First Question:
Will a 65lb dog be adequately stopped by 6mm diameter rope.

Second Question.
Will 5mm work with the various climbing accessories, like belays and brakes. Most seem to fit 8mm rope and up.

Third Question.
Is there a certain piece of equipment that would work best for the breaking apparatus? 

I'd appreciate any advise I can get!

4 Replies

@COkutil Climber for many decades and master of many obsolete techniques.  My thought is that you could probably do just fine with decent hardware store of at least 9mm (3/8 in) diameter, maybe 8 mm.  The issue would be handling.  The thinner diameters would too likely  cut into your hands.  An alternative would be a rope that is eligible for retirement - it should have plenty of strength for this application.

I would just use a hip belay, an ancient technique rarely witnessed these days.  But it worked for many fall factor 2 slips.  You can apply force quite grdually.  Pad yourself and wear gloves.  A sticht plate might work well also.

Again, you might want to consult your vet abut the consequences for  your dog

What is the setup on the doggie?  I hope the rope is attached to a chest harness, rather than a collar, which might cause grievous harm.  Might be worthwhile to consult his vet.

I would be interested in what you come up with and how it works.  Any comments from the dog are welcome....


@hikermor Thanks for the advise! I'll look up some videos on hip belaying! 

And he has a chest harness with a back clip. Hes fine with recall and 100' should be father than i can throw his toy Frisbee, so i dont think there will be any abrupt stops. This is more so to dance around city ordinances so we can play fetch when we have the park to ourselves 


@COkutil You mightget away with simply wrapping the "belay" rope around your arm, sepecially if you are wearing long sleeves, or maybe catch the rope with your leg.  I would keep it as simple as possible and work up from there.


Sounds interesting.....


I tied a 40' rope around my waist once, and my 55lb dog saw a rabbit and took off.  He flipped at the end, @COkutil and I was taco-ed backwards.  Not pretty.  Don't be me.  Don't tie it.  And don't even think about grabbing the rope.

I also worry about a 100' getting tangled up in the pooch's legs.