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Beach Backpacking with your Dog

I have found that my dog Brook, @aussiebrook, has a great time on a beach. Wet sand under my pawsWet sand under my paws

We had a perfect overnight get-away to Tahkenitch Dunes Trail on March 9. Waiting for master to break campWaiting for master to break camp

Access Full Trip Report with more Brook photos and videos.

3 Replies

@ghsmith76 ,

Thanks for sharing! Looks like an awesome trip for both you and Brook!

At REI, we believe a life outdoors is a life well lived.

Wow, what a great set up! Brook looks pretty stoked to be out there at the beach! Thanks for sharing such a great adventure!

At REI, we believe a life outdoors is a life well-lived.

@ghsmith76 This looks idyllic. My dog hates the water but loves the beach. There is an awesome and super short backpacking trip in the Nordhouse Dunes in Michigan which we use as a backpacking test/shakedown trip for people, and I did it as a test for my doggo too. 

Just checked out your adventure page. Love it! I have a MUCH LESS organized one on Tumblr. 

- I'm the best at being me when I'm outside