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Toddler Bike - Rack Seat or Frame Seat?

Good afternoon, 

Looking for advice on purchasing a toddler seat for the back of my specialized bike.  How do I know if the bike requires a rack seat or a frame seat?


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Hi @kwebler - Thanks for reaching out. It's great to hear you and your toddler are getting ready for some bike rides!

There are some variables that impact which of these seats will be a better fit for your specific situation. Can you tell us which Specialized bike you have? That will help us give you a more accurate suggestion. 


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As mentioned, it's going to depend on your exact bike.

But I just want to throw out there, if it's a mountain style bike, I'd also give a look at which puts the child in front of you rather than behind (but not over the bars like many front mounted seats).


  • more centered weight distribution for better handling
  • ability to be more interactive with the kid, talk with them while riding
  • makes the kid feel more engaged with the experience of riding instead of just being a passenger
  • lightweight, low profile, and quick to load and unload the kid, just lift them up!
  • gives them some sense of what it actually feels like to ride a bike as it leans in turns and goes over bumps, etc, if they haven't yet learned to ride themselves yet


  • no storage pockets or anything, its literally a saddle and footpegs
  • the child is not strapped in with a harness, they must be able to balance on the seat on their own (my own child does very well with this, and it kind of ties into the last two points in the "pros" list, depends on your own comfort level with it and where and how you're riding)
  • can force your knees out slightly while pedaling to clear the kid's butt
  • the seat and kid take up the area where you might traditionally stand over the bike if you have to put your foot down, say at a traffic light or something
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