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Hot Weather Family Camping

Our family enjoyed a camping trip in 90+ degree temps this past weekend. We were very thankful for our insulated water bottles, creek crossings along the trail, and the swimming pool at the state park. How do you and your family keep cool when hiking or camping in hot weather?

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Michelle - 

our family camped at Zion a few years back and it was 102 at the campsite.  We spent a lot of time in the shade and in the nearby Virgin river.  good shade+nearby water to cool down help a ton.  Zion has the canyon as well that goes brings the temps down several degrees so we spent most of our day hiking down low in the canyon. 



Wear cotton & soak it down, otherwise, you don't; it's summer, it's hot...if you don't like the heat, then camp in the fall, winter, spring.