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Help with fitting a hand-me-down kid carrier pack?

I have a hiking frame child carrier and am having trouble figuring out how exactly to get my kiddo properly in there. It’s a used pack I bought from another mom, so not REI, but you guys are the folks I would normally go ask questions of to figure out the fit. Could I ask for help via a virtual fitting?

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@DCDock Thanks for reaching out!

We may be able to get you squared away here in the community! Can you give us some more details on which pack you have and any particular part of the pack you have questions about? You can even include a photo if there is something specific you would like to call out.


At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

That sounds like a plan. TIA for anyone who can help me figure this thing out! I have a Kelty FC 3.0. My son is 14 months. I have a couple questions -

1) There are rings the interior harness for the kid snap into to set the height. How do I pick the setting? I have it set to the lowest setting now, but maybe he’s supposed to start off sitting higher? 

2) I’m still not clear exactly on how the straps around the legs go. I think I have them right (essentially over the legs), but the manual talks about tightening them and they are barely touching his legs. I’m not sure if this is a size thing and will be more of an issue when he’s bigger or if it means I’ve got it wrong. See circled item below:FFE808D5-2B69-42D3-8AF6-B7CF4633FBD3.jpeg


@DCDock thanks for the picture! A few responses:

  • In terms of height, typically younger kiddos (starting around 6 months) will start sitting up higher and then parents will lower the seat as their child gets taller. You basically just want your kiddo sitting deeply enough that the pack isn't too top-heavy for the person carrying. The "right" fit means that your child's chin should be roughly level with the top of the chin pad.
  • The leg straps should mainly just be comfortable over the child's legs; same for the shoulder straps

Hope this helps a bit - we've got an article in our Expert Advice on child carriers that may help even further!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.