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Easy Scavenger Hunt Idea

Sometimes you need to figure out how to occupy some kids quick. Have them go find one of each from this list. 

1. Pine Cone

2. Acorn

3. Moss

4. Stick that looks like a wishbone

5. Five pieces of trash (To throw away!)

6. Smooth Rock

7. Rough Rock

8. Clover

9. Tinder/kindling (This one can be it's own activity)

Sometimes, at the end of he activity, they can build little fairy villages with the stuff they found which my kids seem to enjoy

Obviously adjust depending on where you are at. You may not find a pine cone in the badlands, or an acorn in an all pine forest. A lot of times I just give them something new to find each time they bring me the thing I asked for. Also adjust for age as well. My kids are 5 and 11 and they are the perfect age to start collecting fire wood and the older one is able to help set up camp which is great. 

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