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Night Sky Star Trackers

Looking for a reasonably priced star tracker to get longer exposures, lower iso, etc....any recommendations?

Any good recommendations/techniques for 'star removal'?

still experimenting with stacking, but so far just 5 frames (no light frames, just primary exposures), so far not impressed.

using lightroom classic/PS Elements, topaz labs bundles and not considering an adobe subscription..


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Hey @Philreedshikes - It's great to hear you're diving into astrophotography more! I'm no pro, but have always enjoyed it too.

My preferred method is long star trails because of the live composite setting my camera has, but I have used a few different star trackers while out photographing with others. While all that I've seen have been pricey, the one that stood out to me value wise was the Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer Motorized Mount Astro Package. It was the easiest to set up with polar alignment and did its job just as expected. I'd almost always prefer to focus on my camera and the awesome sky in front of me rather than the machines trying to keep all of the variables pulled together, so that was a plus for me!

All of the star stacking I have done has been in Photoshop, but you might want to check out Google's Sequator software. It looks like it could handle your photos for stacking even before having a star tracker. If you use it, it would be great to know your review!

Here's a photo with stacking and another with trails, just for fun!

Newport Cove in Acadia NPNewport Cove in Acadia NP


Overlooking the Grand TetonsOverlooking the Grand Tetons


Now I'm just waiting on some clear nights in Vermont this summer to get out and do more of it! If any new techniques catch my eye, I'll be sure to share them with you.

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