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trail suggestions for Shoshone National Forest

Planning a 5-7 day trek there in June. Been a while since I've been in the backcountry, but I am in decent shape and can do moderately difficult terrain. My buddy can do the same. Any suggestions for good trails? I love waterfalls, local flora and fauna, and overall amazing views of the surrounding areas. Thank you all for your recommendations.

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Hi @gumby05 - Thanks for reaching out! 

In my opinion, there aren'y many places around Shoshone that won't be impressive! It's such an incredible area. 

For your 5-7 day timeline, the Gannett Peak trail is worth taking a look at. This is a technical trek, so if it looks like one you and your friend would like to do, make sure to do your research and be prepared before heading out.  Contacting a park ranger beforehand about trail conditions, any important updates, etc. is always a good idea. They would be a good additional resource to tell you all of the trail options that fit your criteria.

If you're keen on sharing, we'd love to hear about how the trip goes once you are finished this summer, no matter where you end up!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

Heck yeah. I would love to share my story and pics. I'll flag this thread so I don't forget. Thanks for your suggestion.


Ah yes! Some of the most beautiful scenery in the US!

 I usually go the bridger side, (Pinedale)no earlier than July (waiting for snow melt and to catch the mosquitoes in full bloom!)

I recommend purchasing a good trail map and start watching some YouTube vids, highlighter in hand!

good luck!

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