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Saw Acadia National Park... Now what? Maine has a lot of hidden treasures.

Coming to Maine this summer? There is a lot to do at Acadia National Park, but if you are adventurous and would like to discover the culture of Maine take a day break or two. There are a lot of hidden treasure and hiking trails that are not readily "available" or known to the outside tourist. But there are ways to learn about them, and I will mention a few here. 

1. Last planes from WWII - 

This article talks about the many plane wreckage that has been left in place. There are even the remains of a plane about 30 mins from ANP.  The problem, the sights are not well protected, and people have taken physical memories and not visual. The bonus, some of them are on hiking trails, some are in lesser-known areas, and some have yet to be discovered. If you are into geocaching - you can find the coordinates for a few of these planes online.  If you find a plane, please only take visual memories to preserve the history for others.  

2. Ferry out to an Island -

There are a lot of Islands to discover in Maine. Some are for camping only, some are for hiking, and some have a bit of history tied to it. 

3. If you are willing to explore more of Maine. Do an internet search for the lighthouses, the town under water, and things to do in the National Monument region and Mt. Katadon. Trust me when I say you will need a GPS to minimize, this will minimize your frustrations when you get directions from a true Mainer (Mainerah). However, it is always worth asking a Mainer ideas of what to do in Maine.  

Since I am not a Maine native, I still have a lot to discover and would love to hear some of your adventures in Maine. 

Have fun on your Maine explorations! 


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Is Mt.Katadon anywhere near Mt.Katadin?

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@JJNortheast thanks for this post! Was thinking it might also be helpful to post this on the Add a Location board of our community, placing the word Maine in the title, in case folks look there for ideas and resources in Maine! We will also keep this mind as we revamp the Local Happenings section of the community away from a drop-down menu and into a more expansive/inclusive resource!

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