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Has Anyone Hiked Grand Canyon Alone?

Has anyone hiked Grand Canyon...via  South Kaibab and up Bright Angel by themselves?

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I’ve only done it while leading a group but with that said I would totally do it solo. Even solo it’s not like you’ll be alone since it’s so heavily trafficked. 

Yes!  Hiked down and up the Kaibab fifty years ago.  When I eached the rim, everyone was pointing at the moon at the moment when neil Armstrong was about to make nesmall step.  I got to a TV andwatched, fascinated.

You will hardly be alone, unless you do it at night.  They are the busiest trails I have eer experienced.


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Hi Happy Camper

Recently found out that my hiking partner will Not be able to do this GC Hike, due to health issues    We booked this together back in October 2018 and now I need to decide either to hike by myself (I’m not a seasoned experienced hiker by no means but I do have about 1 year of hiking experience and common sense) or cancel the trip completely     I’m very torn on what to do     Thoughts?



What arrangements have you made?  Reservations at PhantomRanch?  Overnight permits?  What is the longest you have hiked in one day?  With hw much elevation gain or loss?

In many ways, the BAand K trail system is an ideal way to test yourself.  The trails are in excellent shape, wide, easy to follow, and well maintained.  There is lots of traffic so you will not be isolated or distant from help.  "Drag out service" is available (for a price!!)

The elevation gains/losses are great, and you are exerting in an arid  environment.  What is your experience in those conditions.  Carry plenty of water  and keep your self hydrated - that is critical.  For that reason, plan on ascending the BA where water is available at Indian Gardens - basically no water on the South Kaibab.

Start early and allow plenty of time.

Without knowing you and your capabilities, one cannot give a firm recommendation.  The GC is not to be missed, the trail system is well used (perhaps too well used) and the physical challenge is significant.  You will remember your trip always.



Superusers do not speak on behalf of REI and may have received
one or more gifts or other benefits from the co-op.

I've hiked alone in the Canyon and highly recommend it.  My itinerary was for three nights, down Grandview and over to Hance Creek, then Cottonwood Creek, Horseshoe Mesa and out.  S Kaibab and BA are more popular trails, are you thinking day hike or overnight?

Basically, I have only hiked / backpacked Grand Canyon alone.  Did you mend your decision?  

...If you didn't go, know a lot of seasoned hikers "woose out" for little to no reason, and they are all okay!. (I myself have 1/5-1/4 of my permits in my 3+ years unused).  Recovering unused permits takes Timely bureaucratic effort by the permit holder and personal knowledge-based research (like understanding why you woosed out, and what you did not know that you need to know about the trail).

...If you did go, I would love to hear of the trail tail, or see the slideshow! 


As an experienced and fit hiker, going solo is viable. There are many people on the trail in case of emergency.  

Except for less than half a dozen day hikes, I have only hiked in and around Grand Canyon alone.  And, if the trail populous does not find that applicable, I have night hiked 20+ times alone, so probably alone alone at least once.


Yepper. Thousands most years.

Plan ahead. Prepare. You got this. This is the perfect place to try to do a solo trip for the first time because you won't really be solo for more than a short period of time.

I have been down to the river multiple locations from both north and south rim. I have walked on common and uncommon routes in the Grand Canyon area. Have a good time!