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Glacier NP Trails Solo

I’m headed out to Glacier NP at the end of July for a week. But unfortunately I will be solo. I know solo travel isn’t ideal in the park. Just looking for any thoughts on what trails hit. Mostly day hikes but want to hit a night to see the mountain sky. Really any thoughts on how to be safest and/or where to go especially since there probably won’t be many other travelers in the park. Thanks Everyone!

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@elvis_n_bama Well I’ll be on the East side. Unfortunately the Indian reservation is still closed but fingers crossed they open it up for access from that side. I already paid for hotel and car and flights. 
I did read the shuttle won’t be running this year so yea gotta wake up truly early for spot. 
Any suggestions for a trail that could lead to a less than traveled lake to relax for the day, put my hammock up and spend it there.. maybe dip in the water? I don’t mind the cold lol


Hidden Lake at Logan's Pass would still work from the East side -if that side of the park opens. It's a really nice hike with plenty of people. A little challenging at the end near the lake but still a nice, relatively easy day with plenty of time for relaxation at Hidden Lake.

Iceburg Lake (Many Glacier) is also an easy hike and still gives you plenty of time to hang out at the turnaround point. Lots of people, so I'd feel safe hiking it alone. The park is preparing everyone for a long wait to get into many Glacier though, there will be road construction.