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Glacier NP Trails Solo

I’m headed out to Glacier NP at the end of July for a week. But unfortunately I will be solo. I know solo travel isn’t ideal in the park. Just looking for any thoughts on what trails hit. Mostly day hikes but want to hit a night to see the mountain sky. Really any thoughts on how to be safest and/or where to go especially since there probably won’t be many other travelers in the park. Thanks Everyone!

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@AnthonyJ Thanks for reaching out!

Sounds like an amazing trip! We have a user who is planning on a honeymoon near Glacier National Park this fall. @MattDiGi may have some resources for you. You can check out their post Late October Honeymoon - Denali or Banff or Glacier? There are several really good suggestions in there of places to go in Glacier National Park.

Hope this helps!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

@AnthonyJ In addition, you might try contacting the park or looking at their web page.  You will likely get the standard spied about hiking solo being dangerous, but I'll bet you will also get some good info.

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Yes, I’ve tried reading the GNP Facebook and NPS page. Practically everything just screams don’t go solo lol but I’ll keep reaching out. Thanks!


Thank you! You’re always a big help. Really excited 


@AnthonyJ When you get to the park, make contact with someone on staff, preferably someone with experience in the park-which is not  necessarily the person on the desk in the Visitor Center.  I'll bet there is a backcoutry permit office or something similar (I have never worked in or even visited Glacier).  They might even be able to connect you with another group or individual.

How is cell phone reception in the area you might select.  Will you be carrying a PLB?  Good cell phone coverage and/or aPLB will reduce the risk, and the hassle of a rescue considerably.

In my forty year NPS career, I have often delivered the "solo hiking is dangerous" sermon many times.  And then, on my very next weekend, gone hiking solo.  Just be careful and cautious. 

Superusers do not speak on behalf of REI and may have received
one or more gifts or other benefits from the co-op.

@hikermor I will be carrying a PLB. What I can find cell service in the mountains on the trails is non-existent so i'll be downloading maps for offline use. 

On a personal note, since you are with the NPS, thank you for all you guys do keeping the trails maintained and safe for us!


@AnthonyJ I will also be in Glacier solo starting 7/24/20. Tent camping at the KOA in East Glacier. Feel free to reach out if you'll be around that area!


The 24th is when I fly out to Oregon for the next adventure. Dang but thanks!

@AnthonyJ I live in Kalispell & these are my favorites that guarantee you will not be alone (always carry bear spray though):

At Logan's pass:
I'd suggest you get to Logan's Pass no later than 7 AM to get a parking spot.

  • Hidden Lake (go all the way to the lake) -no chance of being alone on this one but it's totally worth it. The trail is a little challenge once you get past the overlook & back but relatively easy
  • Highline Trail is super well traveled. but I'd suggest an out & back ~14 miles instead of going down to the Loop. Turnaround at Granite Park Chalet & go back to Logan's pass.  Otherwise, the 4 miles down to the Loop (from Granite Chalet) is absolutely miserable (straight down and not much to look at) and I'm not sure if the shuttles will be running to get you back to Logan's Pass. The trail is really easy, not much up and down and the views are some of the best in the park.

At Avalanche Creek:
This parking lot fills quickly too, if the shuttles are not running this year, get there really early to get a park:

Always check the trail status: