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Glacier National Park in June - suggestions?

I am going to Glacier National Park in June for the first time and looking for suggestions of hiking trails for this time of the season when there is still snow in some parts of the park. 

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Love to hear about your trip.  My husband and I are planning a trip to GNP in 2023.    Have a great time. 


@Keweinberg you might read through some of the posts on this similar thread about Glacier! Sounds like Glacier is @Diesseldorf's favorite... 

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There will be snow in parts of the park, there really can be any time of year, but some areas will be significant if it is early June.  While they try to open all entrances by memorial day, right now only lake MacDonald (west) entrance is open.  Going to the sun is always popular if the road is open, if not there is a trail you can go by that traverses most of it.  Get a trail map and plan your hikes with help from the visitor center, you can't go wrong with any of them!  The most open, scenic areas are by the lake.  Rent or buy some bear spray and make sure you are noisy on the trails.

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